Classified work: Bryan, Treanor partner on flagship facility for Nooks

The classified-infrastructure-as-a-service model is similar to the cloud computing model: Users can eliminate the majority of upfront costs, make the most out of their expenses, take advantage of flexible subscription services, and avoid maintenance costs that are shifted to the vendor. This approach helps users save time and focus on their business goals. What’s innovative is applying this concept to the aerospace and defense industries, enabling defense contractors to compete for classified contracts in the same arena as those that already have access to secure facilities.

Nooks is the only company authorized by the U.S. government to offer flexible access to classified facilities and networks. When businesses, academia, startups and government agencies need a secure space for sensitive and classified information, for the first time, they can subscribe to access a network of secure facilities without the expense of building their own. Nooks has partnered with Bryan Construction and TreanorHL to empower small businesses and nontraditional defense ventures in accelerating classified operations.

What influences aerospace and defense companies' ability to start operating?

Innovators working in defense, government and emerging technologies face a significant obstacle in their path toward developing new ideas and technologies for national security: lack of access to physical and information technology infrastructure required to work on classified data and systems. Building a government-approved secure workspace is tremendously expensive for small companies entering the market, creating an entry barrier for those with modern ideas and technologies. Startups without access to a secure workspace can be excluded from significant government contracts that contribute to national security, hindering their growth and progress.

“Colorado’s support has been instrumental in this journey, with unparalleled advocacy at state, county and city levels,” said Trevor Nolan, director of Nooks Colorado. “Our collaboration with Bryan Construction and Treanor epitomizes our commitment to mission-driven partnerships. These companies share our dedication to excellence and align perfectly with our goals. The cooperative spirit of Colorado, coupled with its robust support for the military, is extraordinary. We are honored to partner with these esteemed companies and are thrilled about our most ambitious project yet, here, in Colorado Springs. This venture is not just a milestone for Nooks, but a leap forward for the defense sector.”

Nooks will open its third and most prominent location in Colorado Springs, its flagship.

Nooks will construct a 60,000-square-foot facility in Colorado Springs with the partnership of Bryan Construction and Treanor.

Bryan Construction has been building classified spaces since the early 2000s and has executed over a quarter of a billion dollars in contracts with over 350 projects specific to this market.

The defense industry is crucial for our national security and staying ahead of other countries. Nooks offers a vital service through its classified-infrastructure-as-a-service, which allows companies to quickly access classified space and facilitate collaboration between the government and private businesses. Nooks’ service is of great importance to the local community, the state of Colorado, and our nation. Our team has the experience and expertise to bring the Nooks vision to reality.

Our Advanced Industries studio has evolved alongside the Colorado defense industry, offering clients a deep knowledge of the specialized facilities needed to support this industry and how to precisely design these facilities to each client’s needs.

Nick McCormick, Principal at Treanor

“Having served both government and commercial clients, we believe Nooks’ approach to the design of these spaces is a game-changer. It is a privilege to be a part of this project at the forefront of classified space design.”

Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, president and CEO of Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, said, “We are pleased that our project win announced last April with Nooks is already showing a multiplier effect. The partnership between Nooks and Bryan Construction affirms the importance of attracting new companies and helping existing businesses expand in our region, building economic opportunity for existing suppliers, vendors and contractors. The ripple effect of economic development projects boosts growth by creating business opportunities for local companies and additional jobs that support our families.”

How CIASS is changing an industry

Sensitive compartmented information facilities are necessary for conducting classified defense operations, but building them is a greatly expensive endeavor that requires sponsorship and accreditation from the U.S. government. The accreditation process is highly regulated and time-consuming, which further limits access to SCIFs for small businesses and nontraditional defense contractors. Nooks’ classified-infrastructure-as-a-service aims to solve this problem by providing a shared space where multiple SCIFs can be used to work on classified projects.

Nooks will manage the SCIF spaces and make them accessible to thousands of end users. By providing affordable and secure spaces for small businesses and nontraditional defense contractors, Nooks will help accelerate their work and provide access to opportunities that were previously unavailable. With easy and attractive solutions, end users can scale their operations to meet the needs of the industry.

This article was featured in the March 2024 issue of the Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Building Dialogue Magazine. You can view the feature here.


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