Further your career with education on our dime

We take a proactive approach to employee growth and development by providing a wide variety of professional development opportunities.

Emerging professional programs tailored for talent growth

Students and graduate architects are the builders of the future, so our job is to support and enrich professionals early on in their careers.

Graduate architects immersed in the broad spectrum of design

All recent graduate staff members are exposed to a broad range of project types and teams. For their first few years, they are not permanently assigned to a specialized studio within the firm. They work on project types across diverse industries to gain multifaceted experience to help refine their interests.

Mentorship opportunities for shared prosperity

Growth happens at all stages of our careers. To support continued learning, development, and career growth, we host an internal mentorship program that provides the opportunity to be both a mentor and mentee for emerging professionals. Our approach first pairs mid-level mentees with senior-level mentors, and upon completion, the mid-level professionals become mentors and are then paired with entry-level professionals.

Covering costs to obtain licensure

The firm pays for designers to obtain licensure through the American Institute of Architects. We firmly believe that supporting an employee’s path to licensure is a critical investment in our people and our work, so that we may continue to elevate the practice of architecture.

Professional development allowance program

Every employee receives a generous discretionary annual stipend for continuing education and development, as well as paid time off to participate in the activities. This may include registration and travel to attend industry conferences, events, networking opportunities, classes, and more.

Meet Neal Angrisano

Principal, Director of Project Delivery
Neal advocates for the development of emerging professionals within our industry, serving as a resource as they explore, learn, and grow in architecture.

Sabbatical program expands design knowledge through research

To enrich our designs and cultivate a passion for research, we offer an annual sabbatical program open to all technical staff and emerging professionals. Each successful candidate is provided paid time off to complete their chosen area of study as well as financial support for expenses. Sabbaticals findings are presented annually to our firmwide retreat.

I loved being able to verify what I’ve learned from school and my internship, but even more so about how much more I have to learn.

Mary Wiberg, Designer at Treanor, Previous Intern

Ongoing training opportunities in all practice areas

We further promote the elevation of knowledge and best practices through internal training programs. These programs are produced by and for staff, engaging employees in everything from comprehensive year-long courses to 15-minute meetings. Topics range from design and technology to marketing and business development.

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Director of Human Resources

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Human Resources Coordinator