Amy Bellerive


Director of Human Resources




P 785.727.2424

Living by the mantra of “life’s too short to hate your job,” Amy is a passionate advocate for employees at Treanor. As the Director of Human Resources, Amy has the critical job of helping our entire firm thrive. To do this, she oversees all initiatives to create a healthy work environment where staff feel seen, heard, and supported, while also ensuring the firm stays compliant with employment regulations across multiple states.

Amy can be found at the office leading team-building activities, working with new hires to support their onboarding, and visiting career fairs across the country. Driven by her love of helping others and the “human” side of human resources, Amy leads with compassion and over 20 years of experience working as a human resources professional.

Amy is a SHRM Certified Professional, which denotes professionals who have demonstrated their mastery of human resources proficiency standards and have proven experience with business planning, communication, consultation, ethics, cultural effectiveness, leadership, and relationship management. She also volunteers regularly at the Lawrence Humane Society and as a Douglas County CASA HR Advisor.

As a talented team member and critical driver of employee wellness at Treanor, Amy truly lives our core values and provides others with the resources and encouragement to do the same.

Employees volunteer at local fire department

Get to know Amy

What are a few items on your bucket list?

A safari or tour focused on an elephant’s herd (aka their “parade”) to learn about their communication and care for each other, as well as their interactions with humans and property along their migratory path. Growing up, I always dreamed of working for Disney. Checked this off in 1995!

What do you like to do outside work?

Working—and relaxing!—in my yard, running, reading, and I’m finally learning to enjoy cooking (but still with fairly easy recipes.)

Who is your biggest hero?

My grandmother—Mum—was a significant inspiration to me. Her first career was a national park ranger at Mesa Verde for many years; an incredibly intelligent women, she later become a middle school teacher. She was an environmentalist, feminist, and fierce animal advocate.

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