Advanced Industries

We design flexible and resilient solutions to help our clients push boundaries. Through the power of architecture, we shape spaces that advance their work to support innovation, research, and discovery.

Treanor specialty advanced industries

Specialized spaces for changing the world

Treanor’s Advanced Industries studio specializes in creating design solutions for sectors at the forefront of innovation, research, and discovery. From manufacturing satellite components and medical devices to providing premier customer experiences within sensitive compartmented information facilities and breweries, our clients make an impact and solve problems.

Our AI team provides planning, facility assessment, programming, design, and construction administration services for clients throughout the country, including BAE Systems Space and Mission Systems, Cerapedics, Lockheed Martin, Nooks, Northrop Grumman, Sierra Nevada Corporation, STAQ Pharma, Terumo Blood & Cell Technologies, and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

With extensive experience designing specialized spaces such as cleanrooms, bioscience labs, secure spaces such as sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs), aviation facilities, aerospace facilities, data centers, manufacturing spaces, breweries, research and development facilities, our multifaceted yet skilled team of professionals help our clients advance their work.

Advanced Industries architecture services

Architecture & planning

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Space planning
  • Facility and site master planning
  • Facility standards
  • Programming

Building & space types

Aerospace & Defense

  • Cleanrooms
  • Corporate Environments
  • Laboratories
  • SCIFs


  • Hangars
  • Corporate Environments


  • Cleanrooms
  • Corporate Environments
  • Laboratories

Controlled Environment Agriculture

  • Cultivation rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Retail/dispensary

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Breweries
  • Manufacturing
  • Taprooms
  • Warehouses

Mission Critical

  • Data centers
  • Modular data center design

Specialty services

  • Cleanroom design
  • SCIF design
  • Modular design

We value synergy in teamwork & design

Utilizing a client-centric approach to programming and design, we partner with our clients to design solutions that balance creativity and technical requirements within precise environments.

We work to understand our client’s mission, goals, and objectives to inform a vision that we use as a guiding principle to evaluate the success of all design options. Today, industries at the forefront of innovation are asking for solutions that value flexibility, process and flow optimization, comfortable work environments, and security. Our team specializes in navigating clients through complex regulations and standards, to provide design solutions that help them reach further.  

The expertise of the staff at [Treanor] made the experience quite easy, as the [Treanor] leads on the projects brought both technical expertise but also guidance to an owner team that had not gone through projects like this before.

MaryClara Jones, Principal Investigator II, MxV Rail

Featured projects

Secure space design

Multiple U.S. locations

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Multiple U.S. locations

BAE Systems Space & Mission Systems

Multiple U.S. locations

MSU Denver Brewery Operations Program Facilities

Denver, CO

Centennial Interport Lot 10 Hangar & Office

Englewood, CO

Confidential Research & Development Facility Addition


Meet our people

Ariel Madlambayan

Principal, Specialty Leader

David Fleck

Architect, Senior Associate

Ivan Ross


Colin D’Emilio

Architectural Designer

Josh Chandler

Architectural Designer

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