Confidential Research & Development Facility Addition

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Advanced Industries
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Future-forward addition that celebrates innovation and employee satisfaction

To accommodate the continued growth of this client’s research, development, and manufacturing integration specialization, Treanor was hired to design a significant expansion to their existing facility. This addition consists of various classified, unclassified, administrative, manufacturing, and testing spaces. The manufacturing space contains multiple ISO-7 high-bay cleanrooms and adjacent environmental testing laboratories. Several conference rooms overlook the cleanrooms, showcasing their customers’ highly technical products.

A four-story office building provides work environments for 400 employees with a mix of classified and unclassified offices, conference rooms, staff collaboration areas, and mission support spaces. The directional flow of the building utilizes multi-teared security checkpoints and safeguarding with secure entrances to gain access to classified spaces.

All photos are courtesy of confidential client

Providing flexible spaces that allow optimal space use

Critical to the client was the ability to have flexible spaces to allow easy transitions between programs based on their contracts. Designed with potential future expansions in mind, this facility allows for the client to grow through a linear continuation of the building’s infrastructure, process/testing/manufacturing flow, and office building functions while continuing operations.

This expansion sets the standard for what a world-class R&D facility should be. The programmed spaces allow for maximum flexibility and empower our client to make the greatest impact possible within the aerospace industry.

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