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Secure space design specialists

Our Advanced Industries studio offers 21 years of experience in the design of secure spaces. We have designed these facilities for various defense contractors, research and development firms, and other clients seeking architectural specialists to get the job done effectively and efficiently. These spaces, in which our clients develop classified programs and technology, need to be secure. Our team works with our clients to find a balance between the need to keep unwanted people or devices from getting in and maintaining protections to keep sensitive information from getting out.

I have been very pleased with the value and professionalism Nooks has found in our teammates at Treanor.  Treanor has been an excellent partner in the design of our flagship location.

Trevor C. Nolan, Director, Nooks

Advancing secure space design

Within these security parameters, we believe secure spaces need to also transcend functional basics to create environments that are inspiring and conducive to work. The Advanced Industries studio is passionate about this type of work and has advocated for years that access to daylight, amenities, and a focus on employee well-being facilities is the path secure spaces must take. 

As a trusted design partner to these organizations, we ask the right questions to design a space that is right-sized, flexible, a comfortable and engaging place to work, and most importantly secure. With a concrete understanding of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), NISPOM (National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual), and ICD/ICS 705 requirements, our team knows how to program and design these highly technical and secure spaces.  

Our clients are in the business of pushing boundaries, so it is our job to design the spaces that make the impossible possible.  

Treanor aerospace & defense clients

  • BAE Systems Space & Mission Systems
  • General Atomics
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Loft Orbital
  • Maxar Technologies
  • Nooks
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Radix Metasystems
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Sierra Space

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