Beyond safety, security, and order is our responsibility to human dignity. We believe in the transformational power of architecture to create environments that support positive and meaningful social change.

Creating spaces that heal society

Life is messy and complicated, and every journey is unique. As citizens, we respect the role of the justice system within our communities. As designers, we leverage our specialization to create spaces that meet people where they are without underestimating their potential for change. Our experience helps clients keep pace with the fast-changing paradigms of the system to meet diverse goals and help them make a difference.

We work with cities, counties, and states to create civic facilities at the intersection of public safety and public health. We specialize in juvenile, behavioral health, courts, jails, and public safety facilities. From historic courthouse renovations to juvenile environments integrated with education opportunities, we put the pencil in our clients’ hands and guide them toward a solution that exceeds all expectations.

Justice services

Architectural services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Space analysis and facility condition assessments
  • Cost estimating
  • Master planning
  • Programming
  • Architectural design
  • Pre- and post-occupancy surveys and evaluations

Building and space types

  • Needs Assessments
  • Juvenile
  • Courts
  • Law Enforcement
  • Detention
  • Behavioral Health
  • Government Centers

Other specialized services

  • Historic preservation
  • Civil engineering
  • Landscape architecture
  • Healthcare architecture

Solutions driven by your priorities

Our experience working with clients across the country helps us provide benchmarking analysis, customer service, positive public perception, trauma-informed design, integrated technology, creativity and flexibility toward environments that keep our communities healthy and safe. We value transparency and partnership, and we advocate on behalf of people and the environment.

We start by listening. Today, communities are asking for solutions that value rehabilitation and restoration over punitive conditions. We come to work every day with the earnest intention to help provide solutions for mental and behavioral health, education, security, sustainability, and resiliency. This focus on helping people become productive members of society drives our purpose to design spaces that heal.

A successful outcome is when the community is engaged and understanding that architecture, and the design that we do, can help further the benefit of mental health. That, to me, is a success.

Jeff Lane, Principal at Treanor

Featured projects

Douglas County Treatment and Recovery Center

Lawrence, KS

Johnson County Courthouse

Olathe, KS

Jasper County Juvenile Services Center

Joplin, MO

Saline County Jail courtyard

Saline County Jail & Sheriff’s Operation Center

Salina, KS

Wyandotte County Juvenile Justice Center

Kansas City, KS

Johnson County Youth & Family Services Center

Olathe, KS

Meet our people

TJ Barry

Senior Project Manager

Chris Birkenmaier

Associate Principal

Ryan Critchfield

Associate Principal

John Eisenlau

Principal, Specialty Leader

Jonathon Hill

Interior Designer

Drew Hustedde

Associate Principal

Cory Johnson

Architectural Designer

Jeff Lane


Sun Park

Architectural Designer

Laura Pastine

Associate Principal

Andy Pitts


Rapheal Prevot

Architectural Designer

Mark Ryan


Shaza Umran

Architectural Designer

Stacey Wiseman

Associate Principal

Tathiana Woolery

Architectural Designer

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