Saline County Jail courtyard

Saline County Jail & Sheriff’s Operation Center

Saline County, KS
Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Programming
Salina, KS
Project type
New construction

Supporting a new jail and sheriff's office facility

Saline County knew they needed updated jail facilities and a modern sheriff’s office. Our Justice design team worked with the county to analyze their existing facilities, reviewing building conditions and studying options to solve their current problems. Through a series of town hall and special interest meetings educating the public on the needs of Saline County’s jail and sheriff’s office, the county proposed a new greenfield site facility that the public voted and passed funding for.

An expanded, efficient building that supports wellness

The new jail includes 392 beds with a site expansion of up to 500. Included in the 392 beds are 32 special needs beds accommodating single and double sleeping rooms for males and females. The special needs housing is directly adjacent to eight medical rooms that are all negative air. The remaining beds are precast cells, designed to provide the same flexibility for classification arraignment.

The jail is designed to keep medical and staff needs in mind. Our team used cove.tool and other analysis programs to evaluate natural daylighting to inform the orientation of the building and placement of the glass. Ribbon windows throughout staff areas and clerestories in secure areas bring this natural daylight into the facility. This will provide a more healthy and efficient building for the long-term.

An outdoor courtyard can be used for programs along with potential agriculture training. The design also includes staff break areas on the main secure corridor that open to an outdoor space. These spaces allow staff to get away from the secure area and have a place to decompress without traveling to the operations center.

Project contact

Jeff Lane


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