Drew Hustedde


Associate Principal






P 314.925.4891

With an understanding that the built environment is inextricably connected to the natural environment and profoundly influences human behavior and quality of life, design bears responsibility for reshaping the landscape for people, planet, and prosperity.  It is with this approach that drives Drew to continually find sensible opportunities in design that optimize a building’s performance, a user’s experience, and community benefit.

He embodies the values of working in teams and commits to finding the best path forward for every participant and stakeholder.  His success in leading teams through a variety of challenges and complexities serves as a testament to his dedication to his colleagues and commitment to clients. His insightful methodology to find simplicity in response to complicated situations often finds Drew as a calm voice effectively leading unified teams to make better decisions.

Through his extensive experience with the design of courts, detention, and juvenile projects and his passion for design performance, efficient planning, and wellness, Drew possesses a comprehensive skillset to deliver the best outcome for any challenge or need.

Notable projects

Jasper County Juvenile Services Center

Joplin, MO

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