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Process-focused design for high-tech pharmaceutical production

Upholding the values of safety, transparency, availability, and quality, STAQ Pharma was founded with a mission to solve drug shortage problems for hospitals and address the need for mixed and packaged pediatric medications.  The company uses industry-leading robotic production strategies that mitigate human error, ‘just-in-time’ delivery methods that reduce wasted product, and right-sized packaging for pediatrics.

To support product demand, STAQ needed a new 503B outsourcing facility to produce, package and distribute medication in a sterile high-quality environment. Our team developed options for retrofitting an existing  warehouse to suit the needs of this 503B outsourcing facility. The design includes four modular cleanrooms with designated areas for ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8. Several high-definition cameras enable close monitoring of equipment for staff and steadfast transparency into the manufacturing process for clients. The building features staff changing rooms, a laboratory and washroom, a controlled unboxing room for incoming materials, secured vault for finished pharmaceutical products, and administrative space for staff.

Air quality in cleanrooms

A high-bay mechanical access platform houses two 12.5 ton re-circulating air handling units, which feed 48 different constant air volume valves and 78 individual fan filter units/HEPAs. This robust HVAC system safeguards cleanliness and air quality in the manufacturing environment.

Incorporating current Good Manufacturing Practices

The overall facility design incorporates the Food and Drug Administration’s latest guidelines on best practices for current Good Manufacturing Practices and meets all applicable standards regulated by the FDA, DEA, and state licensing authorities.

STAQ’s 503B outsourcing facility revolutionizes how hospitals receive medication, eliminating the need for doctors and nurses to dilute adult-sized doses for pediatric patients and instead offering right-sized, pre-packaged medication created in a regulated and sterile environment.


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