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Erin has always wanted to be an architect, spending most of his childhood building and repairing family homes and rental houses. His hands-on experience with buildings, repairing vehicles and machinery, and working on various art projects naturally led him to a career in architecture. He is part of our dynamic Higher Education studio and has planned and managed all types of projects for university campuses across Texas.

He is as passionate about pre-design as he is about post-occupancy, always desiring to blend evolving learning methods with how we work and interact socially on college and university campuses. He is also an environmental scientist passionate about geography and its effects on human behavior; these insights help Erin better inform design solutions and significantly improve project outcomes.

It’s hard for Erin to pin down a favorite project since every project he has ever worked on is his favorite. He calls them his “building children” and is proud of even the most difficult ones. He looks for every opportunity to show them off to his family and friends. He’s highly motivated by winning work and enjoys looking back at projects years later. He says it’s two significant accomplishments in one—starting and finishing them.

Get to know Erin

What is on your bucket list?

Most of my bucket list includes places. A few still on my list are Australia, Africa, and Alaska. A trip up or down the Nile and Amazon would also be really cool.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My hobbies include hunting, fishing, woodworking, cooking, and entertaining family and friends.

What is an odd talent you have?

I’ve been told I’m a pretty good cook, and I very rarely use recipes. I use mainly smell and sight to prepare food.

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