Jessica Silva

Administrative Assistant




P 469.329.1721

Jessica supports our team as an administrative assistant in our Dallas office. Born and raised in Texas, Jessica has lived in Dallas all her life. She contributes to the core of our Dallas office’s culture and community, supporting all staff within the office and supporting the environment outside of the office through participation in organizations dedicated to fighting global climate change.

Jessica’s mission has always been to help others. At Treanor, she does this by creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. Before joining Treanor, she worked in various fields in support of this mission, including medical, law, insurance, and finance. A team player through and through, Jessica lives by the mantra: “one person can be smart, but as a group we can all become wise.”

When she isn’t supporting our team at the office, Jessica can be found volunteering, helping her husband remodel houses, studying scripture, and focusing on self-reflection and ways to become a better person.

Get to know Jessica

What is your advice to young professionals in your field?

Look up at times; you are not alone.

What is an interesting fact not many people know about you?

I enjoy studying Bible prophecy, it’s very interesting to me.

What volunteer work do you like participating in?

I love cleaning the world and serving the community by responding to global climate change. I am a member of the organization ASEZ WAO. ASEZ stands for “Save the Earth from A to Z,” and WAO stands for “We Are One Family.” Put together, ASEZ WAO means “Let us save the earth from the beginning to the end as one family.”