Megan Cooper

Communications Manager




P 785.727.2427

Megan is a marketing and communications professional with an affinity for finding the story behind every message. As part of the marketing team, she has worked on everything from proposal coordination to marketing and communications content management and production for the firm’s corporate and studio-based messaging.

Megan spearheaded the creation of the firm’s podcast, Treanor Talks, which she continues to host. She enjoys producing the content and getting to talk to her brilliant, creative colleagues. Her work at Treanor has expanded her appreciation for one of the most essential resources: a great team.

Megan also believes in giving her paycheck a purpose, and she advocates for aligning the AEC industry with a triple-bottom-line business model. An active participant in the firm’s sustainability and team-building initiatives, she seeks opportunities for Treanor to reach beyond its practice and improve outcomes for employees, clients, communities, and our environment.

When she’s not wearing her marketing hat, Megan can be found baking and decorating various confectionary treats, running, or enjoying couch time with her two small dogs.

Get to know Megan

What is a project you are proud to have worked on?

Treanor Talks will always be my “brainchild” at Treanor. I have an absolute blast producing the content. A funny moment when starting the podcast was realizing that acoustic excellence could be achieved by recording in a closet with a blanket over my head.

What is an interesting fact not many people know about you?

I managed a local gourmet bakery in college, and to this day I still enjoy designing and decorating wedding cakes.

What is your advice to young professionals in your field?

Ask the hard questions, and then offer to help find the answers. Even the most seasoned professionals are still learning!

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