Steve Malin


Principal, Specialty Leader






P 785.371.0773

Steve’s career of more than 30 years is a case study in thoughtfully planning and executing specialty housing projects nationwide. A principal and owner at Treanor, he has provided architectural and project development consultation services on more than 100 Greek and residential life projects.

That level of experience, coupled with an effortless communication style, makes Steve a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from design trends to strategic planning. He has led seminars for the Fraternity Executives Association International Conference, the Association of Fraternity Advisors National Conference, and the Association of College and University Housing Officers International.

Steve is adept at leading diverse groups, creatively and systematically, through the decision-making process and leaves no stone unturned until the best solution emerges. Planning, he says, is in his blood.

He grew up in a large family on a Kansas farm, where he learned patience, empathy, and the value of somebody always having your back. He learned to be hardworking, resourceful, and inventive in the agriculture business, and his persistence, resilience, and toughness come from having eight siblings. He and his wife have two daughters, and their family enjoys traveling, visiting, and discovering things together.

Get to know Steve

What is the best part of your job?

I like that every day, every situation, every opportunity is different. Achieving a harmonious balance of resources and constituents is always challenging and often rewarding.

What is your favorite building or landmark?

I struggle picking favorites. I find that almost every building, story, song, sculpture, design or painting has at least a kernel of wisdom, genius or magic that is a reflection of the constituents, effort, resources, or context which shaped it.

What is your advice to young professionals in your field?

The skillset that empowers an exceptional design professional is diplomacy/communication skills. These superlative skills begin with the ability to empathetically capture differing views and opportunities and to synthesize a cogent and relevant set of responses/options.