Tonie Barnett




Higher Education




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Tonie first became immersed in the world of architecture through doodles on her father’s residential blueprints. Fast forward several years, and we find that Tonie embarked on a career marked by diverse projects, from quiet coffee shops to educational institutions and sports facilities.

With a knack for developing client relationships, she strives for an efficient, stress-free design and construction process in the Higher Education studio. Noteworthy contributions include projects for the Lee’s Summit School District, where trust and effective communication facilitated seamless construction administration. Tonie’s passion for architecture lies in watching designs come to life, especially when met with a satisfied client expressing relief and excitement.


Childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian or a race car driver, transformed into a passion for creating spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics. Today, Tonie is committed to transforming client needs into beautiful, well-functioning architectural realities.

Get to know Tonie

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy exploring local environments with family and friends, traveling, and indulging in diverse hobbies, from savoring French macaroons to grasping the game of chess.

What is your advice to young professionals in your field?

There will always be parts of our job that will be more difficult for you and other parts that will be more aligned with your natural abilities. Figure out the areas you naturally struggle in as early as you can, and find two or three mentors that do those things well. Don’t let yourself be pigeon-holed into roles that only facilitate your natural talents; advocate for yourself to become a well-rounded architect.

Who is your biggest hero?

Can I be my own hero? I feel like there are several people in my life who have helped shape me, but I credit my accomplishments to my own hard work, dedication, and resilience.