Cecilia Simbana

Architectural Designer




P 469.259.4173

As an architectural designer, Cecilia loves bringing ideas to paper and solving project challenges. She is proud of Treanor’s work in historic preservation, resolving the complexities of maintaining a building’s history while bringing functionality for new uses or experiences.

Cecilia was drawn to architecture from an early age through her travel experiences, from her yearly visits to her birth country, Ecuador, to the travel opportunities presented in college. Seeing the interaction of culture, people, and progress with heritage sites, buildings, and places in different environments shaped the framework of her education and path to historic preservation.

Cecilia hopes to give her daughter the same travel experience when the time comes. In the meantime, she enjoys reading, watching TV, and practicing her hand drawing with her daughter.

Get to know Cecilia

What is the best part of your job?

Being able to bring to reality the ideas put down on paper, and problem-solving.

Who is your biggest hero?

My parents, for the dreams they have achieved.

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