Joely Medina

Architectural Designer






P 503.500.5627

Having wanted to be an architect since she was little, Joely enjoys getting to do her dream job as a designer in our Health studio. Joely’s love of design is evident in how she cares deeply about her clients and projects. She’s known for her excellent follow-through and dedication to the projects she supports.

Joely’s notable projects for Treanor include the PeaceHealth Orchards Clinic, the 3D Craniofacial Printing Lab for UC San Francisco, and the Colorado Center for Orthopedic Excellence. When she’s not at work, Joely loves doing anything outdoors and hopes to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro someday.

Get to know Joely

What is the best part of your job?

I get to learn something new every day.

What is your favorite building or landmark?

The Great Mosque of Cordoba. I think it represents the importance of remembering the past and how to appreciate our differences.

What is an interesting fact not many people know about you?

I once starred in an indie film in elementary school.

Notable projects

PeaceHealth Clinic

Vancouver, WA