Sam Villasenor

Architectural Designer


San Francisco


P 628.230.4013

Years ago, while living in Mexico, Sam was reintroduced to her Mexican roots and learned to love her culture and its architecture. She became interested in exploring how communities from various backgrounds engage with their built environment in different ways.

Sam is an architectural designer in the Historic Preservation studio. She is intrigued by the details of construction and the restoration of historic materials. When Sam is not on-site doing construction administration and overseeing the trades on a project, she appreciates attending hands-on workshops to learn more about working with materials like brick, terrazzo, and concrete.

Sam has been an integral part of the Jesse Unruh Renovation project team. She has worked to usher the project from design phases to permit to construction, all within the progressive design-build delivery method. Sam is skilled at creating visual representations to tell the story of the design, and she is an excellent communicator who works seamlessly within a large team on this complex project.

When she is not working, Sam often spends time at her family home in Mexico, or occasionally, you will find her up in the mountains improving her snowboarding skills.

Get to know Samantha

What is the best part of your job?

I am interested in history, and being able to work on the physical embodiment of history is very exciting to me. I am constantly learning, which also makes my job fun.

What is your favorite building or landmark?

White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Stunning, dream-like landscapes, especially at sunset.

Notable projects

Jesse Unruh Building Treanor Justice design studio

Jesse Unruh Building Rehabilitation

Sacramento, CA