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Todd was raised with a “fix it yourself” attitude, which was crucial in setting him up for a career in architecture and historic preservation. He applies that mindset when he evaluates historic buildings and designs rehabilitations that renew and reinvigorate the older structures.

His belief in the importance of historic buildings to a community’s vitality is not just a professional stance, but a personal passion. Todd is driven by a commitment to ensuring the longevity of functional and efficient buildings for future generations. His deep understanding of a property’s significance allows him to develop solutions that respect its sense of place and history.

Todd has worked to restore and rehabilitate iconic buildings ranging from state park lodging to state capitol buildings. He has helped building owners plan and design projects for buildings such as the Kansas Statehouse, the Oklahoma State Capitol, and the Wyoming State Capitol.

Todd was nominated to serve on the United States Senate Curatorial Advisory Board by former Senator Pat Roberts in 2014. His first term on the board started during the 113th Congress, and he was recently re-appointed for another four-year term and will serve throughout the 118th and 119th Congresses from 2023-2027. The board is made up of historians, curators, architects, preservationists, and experts from nationwide institutions. It is responsible for advising and assisting the Senate Commission on Art with acquiring, preserving, restoring, and replacing historical documents, artifacts, and works of art relating to the Senate wing of the Capitol and the Senate office buildings. This great honor allows Todd to share his knowledge and experience regarding historic materials to preserve part of our nation’s seat of democracy.

Todd Renyer sits on a bench in the North Dakota State Capitol reviewing documents.

It is an honor to nominate Todd Renyer, a Kansan, to add his leadership to the care and preservation of the people’s Capitol. Todd has worked tirelessly over the last several years to restore the Kansas Statehouse to grandeur. This experience, combined with his dedication to rehabilitating and reusing historic buildings, will be advantageous to the Senate Curatorial Advisory Board.

Former Kansas Senator Pat Roberts

Get to know Todd

What is the best part of your job?

I love challenges when it comes to design and surrounding myself with excellent consultants and associates to come up with the best solution that the client is excited about. The unforeseen and quick challenges.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A firefighter or a pilot.

Who is your biggest hero?

  1. My father. Dad taught me tenacity and due diligence to see things through to the end. The hard way is always the right way—path less traveled!
  2. My Mother. She taught me humility and that life is about service and not recognition. Challenges should be met with the ability to endure with quiet resolution.

Notable projects

Kansas Statehouse after historic preservation was complete.

Kansas Statehouse Preservation & Restoration

Topeka, KS