CC7 Hangar

Sierra Nevada Corporation
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Advanced Industries
Colorado Springs, CO
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New construction
Bryan Construction

After the successful completion of numerous projects for Sierra Nevada Corporation, including their CC3 Hangar, the aerospace and defense contractor chose Treanor and Bryan Construction as their design-build partners for another hangar at the Colorado Springs Airport. The vision for this facility was to be a premier aircraft maintenance hangar, securing SNC’s foothold in aviation and security solutions.

Steadfast on safety

Due to the nature of aircraft maintenance and integration, the 31,000-square-foot facility needed to allow for program-based flexibility, while also remaining steadfast on safety. Instrumental to the safety of our client’s employees was the inclusion of a dual lifeline protection system that runs the length of the hangar. Featuring moveable harness tie-in points, this system allows for easier and safer performance of aircraft maintenance activities. The building is also equipped with a robust foam suppression system for fire protection.

Designing responsibly

Our team designed the 31,000 SF hangar to balance innovation and technical requirements while prioritizing employee comfort. By creating a comfortable work environment, we supported both the tasks performed and the people performing them. The hangar is filled with natural light from translucent panels near the roofline, and the combination of daylight and efficient LED lighting highlights the facility’s intricacies and assets. With a clear door width of 165 feet and a tail height of 44 feet, SNC can accommodate aircraft ranging from the C130 to the Boeing 737-900.

Committed to achieving more

No matter the project scope, our relationship with Sierra Nevada Corporation is continually strengthened by our ability to create spaces that are program-focused, right-sized, flexible, and resilient. We look forward to utilizing our specialization in hangars and aviation facilities to go beyond the project and look at what the future holds for the industry.

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