Centennial Interport Lot 09 Hangar Office Exterior

Centennial Interport Lot 9 Hangar & Office

Floors and Doors, LLC
Architectural Design, Programming
Advanced Industries
Englewood, CO
Project type
New construction

A hangar and office facility designed to provide workplace flexibility

This 33,500-square-foot build-to-suite hangar and office facility is located within SunBorne Companies’ Centennial Interport development. To support the growing office needs of a local tech company, our team worked with SunBorne to create a modern office that would be supported by a separately leased hangar.

As one of the busiest commercial airports in the United States, Centennial Airport needed private hangars. The design of Lot 9 capitalizes on its multi-tenant design to maximize lease potential of both the hangar and offices.

Reinforcing design standards

From our first project with SunBorne Companies, we developed an architectural design standard that shaped the future aesthetics of their Interport Development. Lot 9 Hangar and Office further maintained the design standards developed in our first hangar and office within the site. Highlighting the voluminous design of the aviation and industrial industries, this facility utilizes high ceilings, open work environments, and connections to the outdoors.

The client sought to engage staff with attractive interiors while adhering to an economical design approach. To achieve this, our team utilized color and materiality for visual variety. Interior glazing is used throughout the facility, immersing the offices and common spaces with daylight.

The design and materials used within the hangar and office fit perfectly within the vision and design standards SunBorne Companies has implemented for the Interport Development.

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