Centennial Interport Lot 12 Hangar & Office

SunBorne Companies
Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Programming
Advanced Industries
Englewood, CO
Project type
New construction

A user-centric, high-end, flexible office-and-hangar facility

SunBorne Companies retained our team to design two build-to-suit hangars and office facilities within their existing development for Sierra Nevada Corporation. This facility sits on an adjacent site to its sibling hangar, Centennial Interport Lot 13 Hangar and Office, boasting dedicated space for the hangar, maintenance, offices, and labs. While this facility was designed for single-tenant use, it features a future-proof design that can readily accommodate a multi-tenant configuration if needed.

Cohesive designs across a hangar campus

The building’s clean lines, forms, and contemporary materials are suited to SunBorne Companies’ vision for an exciting collection of buildings at this premier regional airport in the Denver metro area. The facility includes a 22,003-square-foot hangar (featuring a foam suppression system) and 8,836 square feet of shell office and laboratory space.

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