CC3 Hangar

Sierra Nevada Corporation
Architectural Design, Planning, Programming
Advanced Industries
Colorado Springs, CO
Project type
New construction
Bryan Construction

Supporting current and future aircraft contracts

When Sierra Nevada Corporation, SNC, needed a large, functional, and secure hangar at the Colorado Springs Airport, the aerospace and defense company chose our design-build team with Bryan Construction. We designed a hangar that allows SNC greater flexibility for their growing service lines, the capability to store multiple aircraft, and the opportunity to improve its workspace experience.

The 31,000-square-foot aircraft hangar was designed and sited to maximize our client’s use of the space and leverage their facility for future work. As a recipient of government contracts, the client’s hangar needed to support one specific program, as well as any potential aircraft maintenance or integration contracts the client would be awarded.

With a clear door width of 165 feet and a tail door with a height of 44 feet, the hangar can accommodate multiple small- to medium-sized aircraft and larger planes ranging from a Boeing 737-900 to a Lockheed C-130.

Understanding this project's role in the larger picture

Beyond the programmatic needs of the facility, this pre-engineered metal building structure needed to transcend the concept of a traditional hangar. Our team created a practical, flexible, and comfortable space for our client’s staff by incorporating large windows to flood the floor with daylight, strategic placement of ceiling fans to limit temperature de-stratification, and flexible utilities for the workspace. Instrumental to the safety of both our client’s employees and their customers’ assets, a foam suppression system is integrated into the design of the facility.

Through our existing portfolio with this client, our team understands their need for practical, innovative, and fast-paced designs. The design of this hangar is the product of actively listening to our client to create a facility that meets the needs of the business and the people working within the facility.

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