Delta Gamma Sorority at the University of Alabama

Delta Gamma
Architectural Design
Tuscaloosa, AL
Project type
New construction
Ellis Architects

Creating a Greek house that fits into existing campus architecture

The Delta Gamma sorority house occupies a prominent site on the historic campus of the University of Alabama. When planning the house, our design team created an aesthetic consistent with the campus, which was constructed in 1828 and features Greek Revival and Late Georgian architecture.

The three-story, 36,000-square-foot sorority house can accommodate 60 people. It features a front portico flanked on each side by two-story projecting bay windows. The site’s landscape design frames three distinct outdoor areas featured on the front, rear, and east sides of the building. The landscape also helps differentiate these areas by providing some natural visual and acoustic screening and separation.

Project contact

Steve Malin

Principal, Specialty Leader

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