Instructional Laboratory & Innovative Learning Building

Texas A&M University
Architectural Design, Interior Design, Programming, Laboratory Planning
Higher Education
College Station, TX
Project type
New construction
Ayers Saint Gross

Integrating the arts into science-focused programs

The Instructional Laboratory & Innovative Learning Building (ILSQ) at Texas A&M University is a unique facility that showcases the university’s leadership and forward-thinking mission. This facility brings together a mixture of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) spaces that reinforce team-focused, multi-disciplinary approaches to higher education.


  • Interdisciplinary studios and necessary support spaces
  • A makerspace including project, shop, and support spaces
  • General and organic chemistry teaching laboratories
  • Chemistry laboratory prep spaces, a hot spot for working, studying, and/or tutoring
  • Building commons with entry lobby and collaboration spaces

All majors welcome: collaboration for the entire university

Chemistry spaces are flexible and adaptable to support changes in pedagogy and equipment over the next 25 years. This will allow instructors to evolve alongside teaching methods within instructional laboratories, including student pre-class efforts before entering laboratory spaces. Collaboration and write-up spaces support student engagement outside of the laboratories.

An interdisciplinary makerspace and multi-disciplinary design studios provide dedicated space for ideation, problem-solving and exploring design-thinking methodologies. Spaces are open to non-major students, providing an inventory of collaborative facilities for the west campus area. Outreach programs associated with camps, open houses, road shows, AP workshops, and more further encourage interaction among students from different disciplines and majors.

Spaces are flexible and adaptable to support changes in pedagogy and equipment over the next 25 years.

Laboratories as a place for instruction, inspiration, and ideation

All spaces within the ILSQ enhance the laboratory experience for students and allow the introduction of new ideas and technologies. They focus on teamwork, creating a community of learners by enabling student-to-student and student-to-faculty collaboration.

Architecturally, there is a high degree of visibility into laboratories to enable science on display and promote safety. Transparency into, out of, and between spaces turns the facility into a showcase for prospective STEAM students and provides a destination for current students. Informal and group work is supported through natural lighting, visibility, technology, writable surfaces, and comfortable furniture.

Building a culture of excellence

As a gateway and visual statement for Texas A&M University’s College Station campus, the ILSQ ultimately aims to inspire students to invite others to experience and learn in these spaces. Building a culture of excellence, access to this facility helps motivate students to pursue STEAM disciplines and provides them with space to study and grow throughout their student careers.

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