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Mike has always had a passion for architecture and has focused his career on healthcare design since 2006. As a principal in the Health studio, he provides functional and pleasing spaces that help people heal and feel well. He enjoys being part of great project teams and interacting with end users; seeing their smiles and gratitude when a project is complete makes his day.

Strong project management, construction administration, and building mutually beneficial client relationships make Mike an important asset to the Treanor Health studio. He understands the importance of open communication, efficient delivery, and working with the construction team and owners. His professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to take on project tasks, and ability to state and deliver on commitments all contribute to the success of his projects.

The Tower expansion at Lutheran Medical Center is one of his favorite projects. His daughters were born at the hospital, so it’s always close to his heart. The youngest one was in the Mother Baby unit that he worked on, and he remembers being in the C-section operating room with his wife when he looked up at the ceiling and noticed a green dot of tape that he had identified as a punch list item.

Mike’s bucket list includes travel to Italy, hiking a 14-er (done), buying property and building a fishing cabin, and retiring and buying a farm to work on. In the meantime, he fishes, hunts, camps, and backpacks for fun.

Get to know Michael

What led you to where you are now?

From a young age, I was always intrigued by buildings, my favorite part is seeing the skeleton framing stage of any structure. My father started his career as carpenter, built the house I grew up in, and later became a general contractor, so my entire life I have been exposed to the design and construction world.

What is on your bucket list?

To travel to Italy, build a fishing cabin, buy a farm to work on after retirement, and (checked off the list) hike a 14-er.

Notable projects

Saint Joseph Replacement Hospital

Denver, CO

Clear Creek County Health and Wellness Center

Idaho Springs, CO

Good Samaritan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Lafayette, CO

St. Anthony Hospital Surgery Center

Lakewood, CO

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