Aerospace Composite Manufacturing Facility

Sierra Space Corporation (formerly Sierra Nevada Corporation)
Architectural Design, Interior Design, Planning
Advanced Industries
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Photos courtesy of Sierra Space Corporation

Re-imagined facility focused on space exploration

NASA awarded Sierra Space Corporation (Sierra Space, previously Sierra Nevada Corporation), an aerospace/defense and manufacturing leader, with a Commercial Crew Program a Certification Products Contract for the Dream Chaser®—a low-cost commercial space utility spacecraft designed to transport cargo to and from space, including to the International Space Station.

As a trusted partner, our team was tasked with designing a well-integrated manufacturing facility. The new Colorado facility would be responsible for producing composite parts for the vehicle and needed a new space to house the manufacturing equipment.

Leveraging knowledge and advanced manufacturing design specialty

Using our existing knowledge and understanding of Sierra Space’s values and processes, along with our specialization in the design of precise environments for forming and molding equipment in the manufacturing process, our team arrived at a design solution that achieved their goals. The result is a renovated facility that features a large autoclave with associated utilities, a digital projection lab, machine shop, walk in freezer, warehouse, loading dock, support offices, and employee amenity spaces.

How good design supports clients in their journey to space

The Dream Chaser®, now manufactured and operated in this facility owned by Sierra Space, is set for launch in 2025. Our team is humbled to play a small part in this spacecraft’s journey from Earth to space, and we look forward to the possibilities this vehicle will bring for the new frontier and accessibility of space.

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