Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority at Georgia Tech

Kappa Alpha Theta
Architectural Design
Athens, GA
Project type
New Construction

Reflecting on tradition and looking forward to the future

The Kappa Alpha Theta House at Georgia Tech University is a three-story sorority house completed in 2019.

Kappa Alpha Theta joined the Georgia Tech campus in 2016 and quickly took the steps necessary to provide a new chapter house for its members. From the beginning, Treanor team members worked with housing representatives to design a thoughtful and functional space for the chapter. In 2019, the three-story chapter house opened to accommodate 44 live-in members and provide gathering space for the entire chapter to meet.

The first floor includes an open living room that leads to an outdoor terrace, a house director’s suite, a commercial kitchen, and a dining/chapter room that can seat the full chapter for meals. The second floor features an executive office and a small kitchen for the live-in members. On the third floor, a TV lounge with a coffee bar provides a space for relaxing and socializing. The house also features a covered arcade, a series of arches supported by columns, that provides several outdoor space iterations, some sheltered, others exposed.

The front entry doors and other features are decorated with a Harlequin pattern, representing Kappa Alpha Theta’s signature symbol, the kite. This kite motif is carried through to the foyer’s coffered ceiling and the decorative wood screens that separate the foyer from the living room. Incorporating this symbol creates a sense of gusto and belonging for the members.

Project contact

Steve Malin

Principal, Specialty Leader

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